As a local company, we understand how much you put into your business and how important it is to protect your commercial investment. All of our coverage plans are personalized based on the needs and risks of your company. No matter if your business is based here in the Rio Grande Valley, or somewhere else in the State of Texas, we are here to listen and help you find a solution. Call our office to receive a quote. 


Employee Benefits If Harmed

Workers compensation has many names, including; workers’ comp, and workmans’ comp. No matter what you call it, this coverage is essential if an employee gets hurt. Workers compensation gives your employees benefits if they are harmed in a work-related injury or illness. Workers compensation will also cover your legal fees, if an employee decides to sue.

Coverage of Medical Fees

Replacement of Most Lost Wages (If Recovery is Needed)

Disability Benefits

Funeral Coverage If the Accident Leads to Loss of Life


General Liability

General liability is the protection against physical injury and or damages to a property. This does not cover your employees, but it covers customers and anyone else on your business property.

Bodily Injury

Someone (non-employee) getting hurt at your business or on a structure that you built.

Medical Payments

General liability will help cover medical fees if someone is hurt on your property, or on a company built structure.

Property Damage

If a customer sues for damages to their property caused by your business or employees.

Reputational Harm

Libel, Slander, Wrongful Eviction, Privacy Violations, and More.

Advertising Mishaps

Copyright Infringement